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Companies pioneering fungi fermentation to advance food sustainability have united to form The Fungi Protein Association (FPA).

Abunda by Enough

Rhiza Jerky by The Better Meat Co.

pancakes by mycotech

Pancakes by MycoTech

Cream Cheese and Breakfast Patties by Nature's Fynd

Meatless Pieces by Quorn

Chicken and Waffles by Bosque Foods

The world is increasingly hungry for protein.

But relying on animals for that protein is simply unsustainable. Yet there are many ways to produce protein that are far better for the planet and our health, including from mycelium, the root-like structure of fungi. 

Mushrooms have been used for centuries as meat replacements.

Now, various methods of fungi fermentation are creating a new crop of whole-food, high-protein, high-fiber, meat alternatives. In addition to Quorn’s leadership of the fungi fermentation space for decades, dozens of start-ups founded in the past several years have mushroomed into a newly emerging multiplayer industry.

Koji Meats Sandwich by Prime Roots

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Our members include...

Alternative Seafood by Aqua Cultured Foods

Mighty Mycelium: Did You Know...

A study in Nature found that replacing just 20 percent of beef with microbial protein like what FPA members are pioneering could cut global deforestation by a whopping 50 percent.

The world needs more protein.

Fungi fermentation offers a delicious, sustainable way to do just that. FPA members are excited to partner with our fellow fungi enthusiasts to raise awareness and appreciation of the wonderful ways fungi can improve human health and the health of our planet.

Bacon by MyFOREST Foods

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